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Definition:  Income Inequality is a wide gap between the money earned by the richest people compared to the poorest.  

Why Income Inequality Matters: Income inequality is linked to economic, people's well-being, migration, discrimination, and growth of a country. Consequently, when income inequality is high, it might result in violence and tension between society.

Finding Resources

Use the following keywords with "OR" to expand your search in catalog or database:

  • Income inequality or income distribution or income gap
  • Inequality or difference or gap
  • poverty or poor
  • richness or wealth or gap
  • minimum wage

Then add "AND" with your "specific search terms" to narrow down your results (See Research Process for more detailed information about using OR / AND.)

The following images are sample searches in "Academic Search Complete" and "Gale Opposing Viewpoints" databases.

Search (Income inequality or income distribution) AND (Covid-19 or Coronavirus)

Search Income Inequality or Income Distribution Gale Opposing Viewpoints