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Library Services & Resources

Information about reserves, fines, ID cards, study rooms, and other library offerings.

"On Reserve"?

These items are part of the reserve collection, i.e. they're "on reserve." Who are they reserved for? You!

This library jargon just means that these items are on a shorter leash than regular library materials. Rather than taking them home for 2 weeks, most are available for 2 hours, in the library. (Exceptions are noted below!)

How to Borrow

  1. Go to the front (circulation) desk -- it's the big desk you see when walking in to B12.8.
  2. Ask for what you need.
  3. The staff will take it from there.
  4. Have your student ID card or driver's license ready.


There can multiple textbooks for a course!

Try to have an idea of your textbook's actual title, or at least what the cover looks like.


We have some -- not all! -- textbooks available for 2-hour, in-library check-out. 

Find out if we have your book by asking at the front desk (please know the title of your textbook, as not all classes use the same books) or searching the catalog. You can also browse and search the list below.

Laptops & Tablets

Laptop (newer)

Laptop: HP EliteBook840  –  Useful if you want to use a collaboration table in the study rooms but don’t have your own with you!

Quantity: 4
Check-out Duration: 2 hours, in-library use

LaptopsLaptop  –  Deep Freeze is installed: you will not be able to add or remove programs, and all your work must be saved to a flash drive in order to keep it!

Quantity: 2
Check-out Duration: 1 week, take-home checkout

Surface RTMicrosoft Surface RT –   with keyboard cover.

Quantity: 4
​Check-out Duration: 2 hours, in-library use

Lenovo 10" tabletLenovo TAB 2 Series A –   10" Android tablet.

Quantity: 4
​Check-out Duration: 1 week take-home use.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" tabletSamsung Galaxy Tab A   –   7" Android tablet

Quantity: 2
​Check-out Duration: 1 week, take-home use. 

Kindle FireKindle Fire & Kindle Fire HD  –   Pre-loaded with books & apps. Talk to library staff if there are additional (free) apps you’d like added.

Quantity (Fire HD): 2
​Check-out Duration: 1 week, take-home use

Nook HDNook HD   –   Pre-loaded with books & apps. Talk to library staff if there are additional (free) apps you’d like added.

Quantity (Fire): 2
​Check-out Duration: 1 week, take-home use

Loaner Laptops (2 week loan)

Available Laptop:

HP 840 G7 14-inch Laptop (with power cord and case)

Who's Eligible:

LSC-UP students and faculty only. (This is separate from the LSC long-term laptop loans.)

The Process:

  1. Interested borrower should download the Liability Form below and sign the agreement as well as provide their contact info.
  2. Hit submit to email the form to the appropriate, designated cosigner.
    1. Adobe will prompt you to choose an email to send from. You may want to CC yourself for your own records.
  3. Cosigner will sign off on the loan, and hit their submit button to send to the LSC-UP Library circulation department.
  4. The circulation team will confirm they received the form and its approval status of the document. They will send a link to make an appointment to pick up the laptop.

The Pick-Up:

  1. Bring your ID with you to your appointment. Your LSC ID is preferred. If you don't have one of those, your driver's license, passport, or other official photo ID will work.
  2. The circulation team will complete the liability form with specific info about which laptop is to be checked out to the borrower.
  3. The laptop condition will be recorded and confirmed with the borrower. This will establish what condition the laptop is expected to be returned in.
  4. Enjoy the laptop!

To ensure information shared is the most current, please share the link to this page rather than downloading the pdf.

Computer Accessories

Headphones – Normal headphones to use in the library.

Quantity: lots
​Check-out Duration: 2 hour, in-library use

microphoneLogitech USB Desktop Microphone – Plug and play using USB port. True, sound-cancelling, adjustable. Press the button on the base to turn microphone on and off.

Quantity: 10
​Check-out Duration: 2 hour, in-library use

Noisehush headphonesNoisehush Stereo Headphones – Noise-cancelling headphones.  Two hour in-house checkout.

Quantity: 1
​Check-out Duration: 2 hour, in-library use

TV web camLogitech TV Cam Web camera – Widescreen HD web camera using USB port. 

Quantity: 1
​Check-out Duration: 2 hour, in-library use

Belkin audio jacksBelkin Rockstar + AUX cable  –  Plug this into an audio jack to get more audio ports so that multiple people can plug in headphones at a time... ideal for the computer lab!

Quantity: 1
​Check-out Duration: 2 hour, in-library use

DVD driveHP USB External DVDRW Drive –  Check out one of these when you need to watch a DVD or get content off of a CD while you're in the computer lab.

Quantity: 2
​Check-out Duration: 2 hour, in-library use

CAC readerCAC Reader –  Log in to military websites with your military ID card and this USB card reader.

Quantity: 1
​Check-out Duration: 2 hour, in-library use

HDMI Adapters for Study Rooms

If you need to hook your computer or other mobile device to one of the study room monitors, ask at our front desk for an adapter! We have adapters to support:

  • Lightning-to-HDMI
  • USB-to-HDMI
  • Micro-USB-to-HDMI

Other Electronics

cameraKodak Playsport Camcorder – camera with HD (1080p) video capabilities and a 5 MP camera. Memory card, batteries, stand, carrying case, remote control, power cord, and data cord included.  1-week check-out time.

Quantity: 11
​Check-out Duration: 1 week, take-home use

graphing calculatorGraphing Calculators 

Quantity: 2
​Check-out Duration: 2 hour, in-library use

The Math & Science Hotspots have calculators that can be checked out and used outside of those rooms. The Assessment Center also provides graphing calculators for exam-takers.

Image of GoPro Hero 5 Black cameraGoPro Hero 5 Black

Quantity: 2
​Check-out Duration: 1 week

  • Camera, Mounting device (holds camera and attaches it to a mount), USB-C cord, 32 GB MicroSD card, 1 Rechargeable battery
  • Free software available online
  • Mounts not included
  • Three-point tripod available for checkout

Image of Canon EOS Rebel T6 cameraCanon EOS Rebel T6 (aka the DSLR)

Quantity: 6
​Check-out Duration: 1 week


  • Checkout includes camera bag containing: camera with cap and lanyard; battery with charger; 32 GB SD card; USB Cable; Lens EF-S 18-55mm normal range lens (2 Caps); Lens EF 75-300mm telephoto lens (2 Caps)
  • Tripod and microphone available for checkout

Anatomical Models

Anatomical models, as well as 2 microscopes, are also available in the Science/A&P tutoring room during its open hours.

Quantity: We have one each of the following models.
​Check-out Duration: 2 hours, in-library use

eyeball Human Eye Model
kidneyHuman Kidney with Adrenal Gland Model
heart Human Heart Model
earHuman Ear Model
skeleton Articulated Human Muscular Skeleton Model
lung Human Lung Model

Microscope Slides Sets:


Nerve Tissue Set (8 slides)

Blood Set (9 slides)

Connective Tissue Set (12 slides)

Gland Types Set (6 slides)

Blood and Lymph Vessels Set (6 slides)

Muscle Types Set (3 slides)

Epithelium Types Set (11 slides)

Integument Types Set (8 slides)

Geology Kits

geology kits Rocks & Minerals study kits plus tool sets.

Quantity: 2 each
​Check-out Duration: 2 hours, in-library use