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Faculty Guide to the Library

Find out what the library can do to help you save time and connect your students to expert research guidance.


The SLRC has transitioned its services online while the physical locations are closed. Learn more about our hours, contacts, and online tutoring on our Continuity guide.

What Can You Do With the Library?

Instruction & Support of Teaching

The librarians can

  • provide research & citation instruction tailored to your class
  • create subject- and course-specific guides (like this one!)
  • assist with assignment & syllabus preparation

Online Courses

The librarians can be added to your D2L classroom to

  • field questions from students regarding research, citations, and library services
  • add research materials to course content modules

Research Services

The librarians can

  • provide in-depth research consultations to your students
  • create tutorials for students
  • assist with faculty members' personal research


The library can

  • make your personal copies of books, movies, or other materials available to your classes
  • manage the lending of reserve items
  • provide you with some special reserve items


All of our librarians have Master's degrees in Library Science: we're experts on conducting research efficiently and locating information, whether it's through our online databases or the wilds of the internet! 

74% of freshman students struggle with creating effective searches.Librarians can help your students:

  • Reduce their anxiety about a research project
  • Narrow down a topic
  • Form a research question
  • Locate reputable, credible, scholarly sources
  • Evaluate information
  • Use the databases to locate scholarly articles & other materials
  • Write citations
  • and more - just talk to us!

Project Information Literacy infographic snippet "74%" statistic taken from the Dec. 2013 PIL report "How Freshmen Conduct Course Research Once They Enter College" (pdf)

Learn more about Project Information Literacy and its findings about early adult research habits at

Recently Purchased Ebooks

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