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Information about reserves, fines, ID cards, study rooms, and other library offerings.

Fast Info

The typical check-out time for most materials is 2 weeks with the possibility of 2 renewals for a maximum of 6 weeks. Items that have been requested by other patrons (i.e. have holds placed on them) may not be renewed.

Reserve items from the library are available for 2-hours in-library use or for 1 week at a time, depending on the item.

Who Can Borrow:

You will need a library account with Lone Star College, Harris County Public Library, or Montgomery County Memorial Library system to request and check out items. We are not affiliated with Houston Public Library and cannot check out items to HPL cards nor request or return HPL items.

Reserve items have shorter check-out times. At LSC-University Park, our reserve items are mostly available for 2 hours, in-library use. Some items, like the Kindle Fires and cameras, are available for 1 week at a time. The Full List of Reserve Items details the check out period of each item.


To renew one or more of your items, you can log in to your library account and, if the item is eligible, renew it for extra time there. You can also call the circulation desk and our staff will renew your items for you.


  • Normal circulating items have a late fee of $0.10 (10 cents) per day.
  • Reserve items like textbooks (including the study rooms) have a late fee of $0.50 (50 cents) per hour.

Students who owe excessive fines (from an accumulation of late fees or from losing an item) will have holds placed on their accounts. You will not be able to register for more classes until you pay off your fine. The library cannot temporarily suspend your fine/lift the hold to let you register.

Faculty may have fines forgiven on overdue Lone Star College-owned library materials. Items arriving from HCPL or MCMLS will, however, accumulate fees.


Fines may be paid in cash directly to the library. For credit card transactions, go to the business office to pay, and bring your receipt to the library to have the fines removed from your account and/or your hold lifted.

ID cards for both employees and students are created in the library at the front desk. Lone Star College library accounts are tied to these IDs, and your library barcode is printed on the back.

Employee Badges

Faculty and staff need to bring photo identification (e.g. driver's license) and a completed form signed by their supervisor in order to get an employee ID. Note: the library only creates the badge; we do not control room access or the distribution of key cards.

New employees: Employees new to the system may have to wait 1-2 weeks after their hire date before their information has been completely entered in the system by other departments. Until that process is complete, the library will not be able to make a badge. We recommend calling the library first to verify that badging can be done. If you're not in the system, that doesn't mean something's wrong or that you haven't really been hired -- the process just isn't finished yet!

Replacement badges cost $20. This is a system-level policy.

Printing costs $0.10/page for black & white and $0.50/page for color. Money can be added to your account online through MyPrintCenter or using cash and your Lone Star student ID card in the library.

For more details on printing, please see the Printing page of this guide.


Faculty: For computer access and printing, please go to one of the workrooms. The nearest one to the library is down the hall in the faculty suite.

ID cards for both employees and students are created in the library at the front desk. Lone Star College library accounts are tied to these IDs, and your library barcode is printed on the back.

Student IDs

Illustration of front and back of a student ID cardYou must be currently enrolled in Lone Star College classes that have been paid for (or show signs of being paid by financial aid) to be eligible for a student ID. Bring photo identification (e.g. driver's license) and complete the short form available at the front desk.

We start making IDs for each semester on the following dates:

Fall semester: August 1
Spring semester: December 1
Summer semester: May 1

Your first ID is free. Replacement IDs cost $10.

Online students can request a library barcode using the online form. You will receive an email to your student email address (accessible through myLoneStar) with your barcode and PIN within 2 business days of your request.

Textbooks in the library's Reserve Collection are available for 2-hours, in-library use. Ask at the front desk to borrow one!

Note: The library does not purchase textbooks for this collection. Faculty and their departments are encourage to donate or loan copies of in-use textbooks for the library to facilitate access to students.

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You can find the library's current hours (plus hours for the other SLRC departments) on our Hours page.
You can complete the online form to have a library account created. You should receive your 14-digit barcode and 4-digit PIN to your student email account within 2 business days. If you're ever by a campus, you can stop by to have your full student ID card created, which will include your photograph. Your first ID card is free.
The library at LSC-University Park is all digital -- we don't have (and have never had) shelves of books. We do have various ebook collections, digital magazines, and of course the research databases full of articles available 24/7.

However, if there's a paperbound book you want, you're not out of luck! Anything in the library catalog that circulates can be requested for delivery to this campus. Just click the "Place Hold" button by an item you want and follow the on-screen prompts. You'll receive a call or email when your item is ready to be picked up at the library's front desk. You can even turn the items back in here -- we take care of all the shipping!
We start making IDs on the first day of the month each semester starts in (Fall: Aug. 1; Spring: Dec. 1; Summer: May 1). For example, if you register as a new student in July 2020 to start taking classes in the Fall 2020 semester, you will have to wait until at least Aug. 1 to get your ID, even if you already registered for classes.

Once the semester starts, you can get your ID made any time the library is open (though we do shut down the machine 15 minutes before closing time). See the "Student IDs" tab in the Fast Info box to learn more about how to get an ID.
Nope! Libraries like to loan things out for free. The textbooks we have are generally only available for use in the library for 2 hours at a time. If you want to rent a textbook for an entire semester (or buy one outright), you need to visit the bookstore.

Turn books back in to the place you got them from, as well. If you borrowed a book on the 8th floor in the library, that's the place to return it (or maybe the dropbox in the level 2 reception area by the parking garages). If you rented a book from the bookstore, take it back there at the end of the semester. The library is not responsible for late fines if your rented book doesn't make it back to the bookstore in time if you drop it off in the wrong spot.
Printing does cost money, and payment works like loading cash onto a gift card rather than paying directly for what you print. For a detailed explanation of the entire process of sending your document to the printer, adding funds, and releasing your document, please refer to the Printing page of this guide.

If you have questions, the library staff are always happy to guide you through the steps to get your document printed!