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Library Events

What's happening in/with/around the library, part of the Student Learning Resource Center (12.800).

September: Civic Engagement

Voter events - swag image

Constitution Day

Constitution Day celebrates the ratification of the US Constitution on Sept. 17. This year, we're assembling a video of UP folks reading out the preamble.

Voter Registration

  • The deadline to register to vote is Oct. 5 -- i.e. your registration needs to be in the mail or already at the Voter Registrar's office this day.
  • Early Voting in Texas will start on Tuesday, Oct. 13 this year. The general election day is Tuesday, Nov. 3.


September: Banned Books Week

Banned Books Week

Sept. 27 - Oct. 3 is Banned Books Week, which celebrates books that have been challenged for removal from libraries and schools across the nation and around the world. This year the SLRC will be especially emphasizing censorship and freedom of expression. Stay tuned for our "online display"!

October: Once Upon a Pumpkin (Employees)

Once Upon a Pumpkin: No-Carve Decorating Contest

event flyer: info is replicated in plain text2020 Theme: Flexibility (i.e. decorator's choice! Whatever you want to create.)


This contest is open to all full- and part-time employees at LSC-UP.  (If you're familiar with previous years, you'll know normally we require teams of at least 2. However, this year -- for obvious reasons -- we're insisting upon solo entries: 1 person per pumpkin.)


You have the first three weeks in October to decorate your pumpkin. The librarians will be hosting a pandemic-style pumpkin patch out of the EMI parking lot on Friday, Oct. 2. You must reserve a time slot to claim your pumpkin and follow the normal campus protocols (masks on, stay 6 feet apart).

Is a special trip to campus just for a pumpkin not worth your commute? No problem! If you want to get your own pumpkin (real or artificial) to decorate, that's great, too! Just stick with the no-carve rule at least long enough to take some photos to submit to the contest.

Pumpkin photos are due by 9 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 21. Voting will run for 1 week, and the winner will be announced on Friday, Oct. 30.

A special thanks to HEB at Vintage Park for donating the pumpkins!

View entries from 2014: fairy tales, myths, legends theme  2015 entries: killers, thrillers, and chillers theme  2016 entries: sweets and treats theme  2017: science (mad or otherwise) theme

2018: superheroes (and villains) theme  2019: pets theme  2020 album


  • No carving. You may use pins or staples to hold things in, but no cuts. (We're keeping this rule this year, even though we're not on campus worrying about pumpkins rotting in the SLRC, because it's tradition and creates an interesting challenge.)
  • Pumpkins must adhere to the year's theme. You may stretch or bend or push the limits of the theme, but there must still be an apparent connection. (e.g. if the theme were "cars," a cow-styled pumpkin would not belong. On the other hand, the Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro could!)
  • Pumpkins must be work-appropriate.
  • Participants are limited to current employees, full- or part-time, at LSC-UP. Student workers may also participate.
  • Photos: you may touch up your pumpkin's photo by adjusting brightness/contrast/etc, but no major photo-editing should be done to add special effects.

 Get in the October spirit with our Spotify Halloween: Fun Edition and Spotify Halloween: Spooky playlists on Spotify!

October: Scary Story Contest (Students)

Writing Tips: content replicated in Word doc attached to this section, titled "Tips for Writing a Spooky Story"Students: Bare Bones Scary Story Contest

Write the scariest story you can in 2 sentences or less!


Currently-enrolled LSC-UP students (including dual credit) are eligible to participate.



This contest runs Oct. 1. through 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 28.


How To Enter:

The entry form will display below starting Oct. 1 with the start of the contest. All entries must go through this online form. Each student may submit up to 3 entries.


To the Victor Go the Spoils:

Winner(s) will be announced on Halloween! We'll contact you to let you know you've won (or follow us on social media).

Prize: Starbucks gift card + scary story collection (sent directly to you)


View past winners & runners-up.

Get in the October spirit with our SpotifyHalloween: Fun Edition and SpotifyHalloween: Spooky playlists on Spotify!


Halloween: Fun Edition playlist cover. Orange background with faux-Polaroids depicting a skull, jack-o-lantern, and candy Halloween: Spooky Edition playlist cover - mostly dark with a lit candle in the bottom left corner