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Library Events

What's happening in/with/around the library, part of the Student Learning Resource Center (12.800).

Ongoing: Workshops


Schedule conflicts? Head over to our asynchronous, on-demand tutorials instead!


  • MLA Introductions
  • APA Introductions


February: Black History Month

Black History Month
A dedicated guide to BHM.

February is Black History Month! The library has compiled a playlist (in rough chronological order) of iconic Black musicians from the past century, from Count Basie and Louis Armstrong to Aretha Franklin to Public Enemy and Lizzo.

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February: Blind Date with a Book


Feb. 7 - 14

Whenever the library is open, browse the display!

How does this work?

Each book is mysteriously wrapped up -- but it does have a pick up line (the first line of the book)! If it sounds interesting, take it up to the front desk to check out. Then you can unwrap it to find out what you've got.


March: Women's History Month

Women's History Month
A dedicated guide to WHM.


May: Finals Prep & Study Breaks

Therapy Dogs

  1. Reach out for a dog.
  2. Pet until stress is gone.


Wednesday, May 3 and Tuesday, May 9
11 a.m. - 1 p.m.


Teaching Gallery, B12.805


Take What You Need Table

Drop by the library and help yourself to study aids, snacks, and distractions to help you through finals week!


Monday, May 1 - Friday, May 12
Available whenever the library is open


Front of the library, B12.8. You can't miss it!