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Finals Week Relaxation: Easier Said Than Done

But these study breaks & tools can help.

Good Luck! You can do it!

Jim from The Office holding a piece of paper with a pie chart split betweeen
Elf meme (perky Will Farrell character Buddy). Top caption reads: When your professor asks how you slept. Bottom caption: Great! I got a whole 40 minutes!
Lin-Manuel Miranda dressed in Hamilton costume. Caption on top asks
Two images side-by-side show a man resting in a casket for a funeral, presumably as a dead person; the next image has him sitting up and writing on a laptop that's set on the closed half of the casket. The caption reads: When finals are killing you but there's too much work to do
Most Interesting Man in the World meme. An elegant, grey-bearded man in a black suit is leaning on one eldbow. Caption reads: I don't always have to study for a test tomorrow, but when I do, I -- oh my! Look at this mess, I can't study like that. I'll just clean the entire house. And walk the dog. And bake a cake. And rescuse Gotham City.
Austin Powers meme. Top caption: I noticed you started a new TV series on Netflix during finals week. Bottom caption: I too like to live dangerously.
Top caption: Studying For Finals. Left image is Maria Hill from The Avengers asking,