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Citations: APA Style (7th ed.)

How to create a document and cite using APA, 7th edition.

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About APA Style: Fast Facts

  • APA 7th ed. book coverAPA = American Psychological Association, a professional society for psychology and the governing body of APA Style.
  • There are 2 versions of an APA document: one for students, and one for professionals.
    • A student APA paper contains at least 3 pages: title page, paper, references.
    • A professional APA paper contains at least 4 pages: title page, abstract, paper, and references.
  • There is no font requirement as long as the same font is used throughout the text of the paper. We still recommend Times New Roman size 12, however!

APA now has a document set-up just for students, which adds course info to the title page and does not use an abstract.

  • Titles of papers are now bolded, centered, with several blank lines before the author's name
  • There is no font requirement as long as the font is legible and consistent
  • The title for the References page is now bolded.
  • There are now guidelines for annotated bibliographies.
  • APA now requires listing up to 20 authors for a source in the references list.
  • With 3 or more authors, use "et al" in in-text citation.
  • There is no publisher location required for books or similar sources.
  • The word DOI is no longer necessary: use the DOI format like the URL, i.e.,

Basic APA Citation Anatomy:

References Page

Author Last Name, First Initial. Year Published. Article titled capitalized like a sentence. Name of Journal, volume(issue), page range. DOI number/URL

ex, Light, M. A. & Light, I. H. (2008). The geographic expansion of Mexican immigration in the United States and its implications for local law enforcement. Law Enforcement Executive Forum Journal, 8(1), 73-82.

ex, Farelly, E. (2008, March/April). Fear of not having had. Orion.

In-Text (Author Last Name(s), Year, p. #)
ex, (Smith, 2013, p. 43)


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