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Assignment | MagicTouch Kiosk Displays (Truax): Primary

HUMA | Prof. Katie Truax (Spring 2023)

Library Resources

Strategies for Web Search

There are a ton of online collections displaying digitized materials! Finding them can be as simple as searching for "[topic] primary source" -- either using that exact phrasing, or substituting a specific type of primary source, e.g. "[topic] diary."

Google Web Search
Google Web Search

Many collections are hosted by a government entity like the Library of Congress as well as various universities. You can filter your search by specifying the site or its domain in your search. Use for government results or .edu for university pages.

Google Web Search

This version of the search limits not just to government sites but specifically Library of Congress results:

Google Web Search

Related Guide

Evaluating Information

The CRAAP Test

Evaluate your source's...


CRAAP test factors: Currency, Relevance, Accuracy, Authority, Purpose

Also, The Three Rs

Is your source
Recent? Reliable? Relevant?

Is this source up-to-date? Is it about my topic, and does it go into enough depth? Does it come from an authoritative source? Is the information accurate (and are there citations given to back it up)? And why was this information written in the first place?