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Assignment | MagicTouch Kiosk Displays (Truax): The Kiosk

HUMA | Prof. Katie Truax (Spring 2023)

Menu Images

Public view of kiosk menu connected to the backend view of creating the buttons

Menu Buttons

  • Text is created by the app (overlay on the image/button)
  • Plan for readability -- dark, mostly solid background that text can show up on
  • minimum size: 300x300 - keep it square
  • animated gifs can be used for buttons: file size under 500 kb


Background Image

  • resolution/size: 1920x1080
  • in the da Vinci sample, the explanatory text is part of the image.

Content Types

Kiosk app menu showing example of a content item for "3D view" selected

Content Types Explained:


Applies a "flip book" to the content

Supports: pdf, jpg, jp2, tif, png, bmp, gif

Collect content in a specific folder, with files named to so that images are sorted in the correct display order.

3D view

Indicates a display of 3D rendering models

Supports: 3ds, obj


Displays content in a photo gallery

Supports: jpg, jp2, jpeg, tif, tiff, png, bmp, gif, pdf 

Collect content in a specific folder, with files named to be the in the correct display order.


Video material

Supports: mp4, avi, mov, wmv

Browser Use the browser with a specific defined url to display content. Settings can lock so that only the designated page displays (no navigation options).
Map [Image hotspots, not a geographic map]

Suitable for including big single images. Elements included as map have a smaller compression level.

Zonal information (touch information points) can be added to maps. Example of what this would look like via a different platform for illustration purposes.


Simulated Kiosk Experience