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Money for College: Scholarships, Grants, & More

This guide will point you towards available scholarship and other opportunities to get money while in college.

Apply for LSC Scholarships

Fall Application Deadline - April 1
Spring Application Deadline - October 1


This one application will put you in the pool for the multitude of scholarships available for LSC and LSC-University Park students. Nice, huh?

Answering the Application Questions

The scholarship application includes four free response questions:

  1. Background: Please tell us a little about yourself. Include family background, previous education, hobbies, interests, etc.
  2. Personal Achievement. What one accomplishment are you most proud of (personal or academic) and why?
  3. Why have you chosen this Field of Specialization or Major? What influenced you in selecting your intended major of study and what goal(s) have you set for the future?
  4. Random Topic. What makes you stand out from every other scholarship applicant?


There's no minimum length, but you should aim for writing about a paragraph to answer each of these. Just 1-2 sentences isn't enough give the reviewers a clear view of you as a scholarship candidate, which is the whole goal of this section.


  • Question 1: No matter how important they are to you, make sure you don't only talk about your family members to the point where we know more about them than you. You want to talk about yourself here!
  • Question 2: Take some time to brag. Be specific about  WHY this is an accomplishment for you. It's not so much what the accomplishment is as how you explain it. A one-sentence answer "I'm proud of the time I won a gold medal in Olympic coin-flipping" is leaving a lot of room for guesswork, no matter how grand the achievement was.
  • Question 3: Mention what your field of study is -- the reviewers of these free responses can't see your application to know what your major is. Answer all the questions: what influenced you to choose your major + what are your future goals? Try to be as specific as you can.
  • Question 4: Think creatively. Don't presume you know what other candidates have been through and put them down while puffing yourself up.

Take some time to work on your answers. Try drafting them in a Word document to copy/paste over to the actual application. You can even consult the Writing & Reading Hotspot coaches!

Writing & Reading Hotspot

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