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Money for College: Scholarships, Grants, & More

This guide will point you towards available scholarship and other opportunities to get money while in college.

Federal and State Work Study

Federal Work Study Program (FWS) - A federal and college-matched work program which provides jobs for students who have a financial need. Students apply for these jobs online. Students normally work 15 to 19 hours per week. Diverse positions are available at the campuses. Limited funds are available.

Texas College Work Study Program (TCWS) - A state and college-matched work study program similar to the federal work study program. Program participation is limited to fall and spring terms. Limited funds are available.

Work-Study Application Process

Applicants must:

  • show unmet need in their completed FAFSA
  • meet SAP standards
  • be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours


How to Apply:

  1. Apply online via No paper applications will be accepted.
  2. Select "Search Jobs."
  3. You need to search for -- and apply to -- BOTH of these positions:
    1. Job ID: 35618  (Part-time Student Assistant, College Work-Study -- Federal)
    2. Job ID: 35626 (Part-time Student Assistant, College Work-Study -- State)
  4. Apply as an "external candidate."
  5. You must include your LSC student ID # at the top of your resume!


Applying for college work-study positions does NOT guarantee employment. You may have to interview with interested campus departments.

If you have questions/concerns, contact the College work-study supervisor:

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