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Academic Coaching

An overview of all the areas under Academic Coaching, including the Math Lab, Math Hotspot, Science Hotspot, and Writing and Reading Hotspot.

Welcome to the Writing & Reading Hotspot!

Summary The Writing & Reading Hotspot (formerly the Writing Lab) is open to any currently enrolled LSC student on any writing-centered project. Our professional, experienced writing coaches also provide help with resumes, scholarship and transfer applications, and even writing emails. If it has words, we can help!
Where We Are Building 12, Room 825
Good For Anything writing, including English, History, Philosophy, Psychology, and more; resumes, scholarship applications, and emails

Kim Hayden, Coordinator III



No need! Just walk in and we're happy to help.

Current Schedule

What to Expect

Before your visit:

  • Proofread your paper to catch typos and obvious mistakes
  • Have specific issues to discuss about your paper
  • Sessions take about 30 - 40 minutes
  • In addition, plan to make edits after your visit. Allow for proper time management!
  • Come early! Do not wait until an hour before the paper is due to bring it in
  • Run a grammar check by utilizing Intelliwriter.
  • Bring the syllabus/assignment.

Writing coaches will NOT:

  • Do revisions, edit, proofread, grammar check or make notes on your paper.
  • Interpret your professor's notes or assignment. We can help you understand, but always consult your professor if you have specific questions on the assignment itself. 
  • Help on quizzes, tests or finals.

Writing coaches WILL:

  • Help you brainstorm! It's our favorite thing. Please come early and often during the course of the writing of your paper. 
  • Focus on a handful of repetitive errors and teach you how to fix them
  • Cheerlead, guide, and help you through the process of writing. Writing a paper is intimidating! We can help you every step of the way
  • Work through the paper with you and help you improve your organization, grammar, and writing skills so you can self-edit and become more confident as a writer