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ReadUP is a campus common read program. Each year a book is chosen for the LSC-UP community to read and participate in related events. Learn more about ReadUP, and find related resources to deepen your understanding of the books, on this guide!

The ReadUP! Mission

ReadUP! is the campus read program centered around a single book that strives to challenge students, staff, and faculty to think critically and engage in thoughtful discussion throughout the academic year.

ReadUP! is designed to encourage all members of the campus community to participate in an interdisciplinary campus-wide collaboration that develops the relationship between academic learning and campus and community involvement. The book will be a part of academic instruction in multiple disciplines, the focal point for campus events and discussions, and serve to create civic engagement opportunities beyond the borders of the classroom and campus.

Link to this guide:


  • Establish a culture of reading throughout the LSC-UP community and invite students to cultivate their capacity for lifelong learning by considering a common text from a variety of different perspectives.
  • Create a common experience that increases awareness and engagement in cultural, civic, and current issues.
  • Integrate an academic and social experience into the campus and local communities by encouraging students to consider the world around them through reflection and dialogue.
  • Build community involvement by engaging students in outreach activities with faculty, staff, and community members.

The Books

Youth to Power
Team Human
What the Eyes Don't See

The ReadUP Committee

Committee Founder: Kristie Boston

Co-Chairs: Priscilla Arteaga, Jamie Stoops, Sara Whalen

Committee Members:

  • Jona Anderson
  • Shelby Bercu
  • Allison Burney
  • Kevin Carreathers
  • Kathy Cecil-Sanchez
  • Stephanie DeLeon
  • Keita Ford
  • Carmelita Garcia
  • Rhonda Garcia
  • Amy Harris
  • Bryan Henry
  • Nathan Lynn
  • Diego Medrano
  • Elaine Patton
  • Amber Pommier-Johnson
  • Keri Porter
  • Frank Rodriguez
  • Jennifer Ross
  • Betty Rugh
  • Debbie Seidel
  • Nicole Stalnaker
  • Madhulika Tandon
  • Katie Truax
  • Vanessa Voss

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