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Assignment | Persuasive Play Paper (Ferguson & Gatlin): APA Format

TECA 1354 | Profs. Gatlin, Ferguson (Fall 2022)

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Paper Format (Professional Manuscript)

APA professional layout: title page, abstract page, your paper, and finally references at the end

Example: Journal Article with DOI (Digital Object Identifier)

Guthrie, J., & Kunkel, A. (2013). Tell me sweet (and not-so-sweet) little lies: Deception in romantic relationships. Communication Studies, 64(2), 141-157.

Parenthetical citation: (Guthrie & Kunkel, 2013). (Guthrie & Kunkel, 2013, p. 143).

Reed, M. J., Kennett, D. J., Lewis, T., Lund-Lucas, E., Stallberg, C., & Newbold, I. L. (2009). The relative effects of university success courses and individualized interventions for students with learning disabilities. Higher Education Research & Development, 28(4), 385–400.

Parenthetical citation: (Reed et al., 2009). (Reed et al., 2009, p. 390).

List all authors up to 20:

Krimigis, S. M., Mitchell, D. G., Hamilton, D. C., Livi, S., Dandouras, J., Jaskulek, S., Armstrong, T. P., Boldt,  J. D., Cheng, A. F., Gloeckler, G., Hayes,  J. R., Hsieh, K. C., Ip, W.-H., Keath, E. P., Kirsch, E., Krupp,  N., Lanzerotti, L. J., Lundgren, R., Mauk, B. H., McEntire, R. W., Roelof, E. C., Schlemm, C. E., Tossman,  B. E., Wilken, B., & Williams, D. J. (2004). Magnetosphere Imaging Instrument (MIMI) on the Cassini Mission to Saturn/Titan. Space Science Reviews, 114, 233-329.

Parenthetical citation: (Krimigis et al., 2004). (Krimigis et al., 2004, p. 300).

Articles with 21 Or More Authors:

Include the first 19 authors in the reference, then an ellipsis, i.e. dot dot dot ( ... ), and then the last author. There is no ampersand in this case. 

Cao, B., Wang, Y., Wen, D., Liu, W., Wang, J., Fan, G., Ruan, L., Song, B., Cai, Y., Wei, M., Li, X., Xia, J., Chen, N., Xiang, J., Yu, T., Bai, T., Xie, X., Zhang, L., Li, C, ... Wang, C. (2020). A trial of lopinavir-ritonavir in adults hospitalized with severe Covid-19. New England Journal of Medicine 382(19), 1787-1799.

In the in-text citation, only include the first author and add et al. e.g. (Cao et al., 2020). (Cao et al., 2020, p. 1790).