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Faculty Guide to the Library

Find out what the library can do to help you save time and connect your students to expert research guidance.


How Are Books Added to This Collection?

Everything in this database was purchased by the LSC Libraries (not just UP). Access depends on how many copies were purchased and/or how many uses each title is licensed for, which is set by the publishers.

Class Use

  • Books in this collection have different licenses by title, so proceed with caution if you want to assign a book to a class.
  • You can link to the overall book, as well as specific chapters or even a specific page.
  • You may download portions of the book as a pdf to post in your D2L classroom.


Checking the Licensing

When you click into a book record in Ebook Centeal, an "Availability" statement is shown before the summary. Because nearly all these books are part of the subscription package, you can expect to see a statement of unlimited user access.

Below that will be lines letting you know how many pages of the book you can download as pdf and print.

In Ebook Central, a statement of "availability" is shown before the book summary. You should expect to see "your institution has unlimited access to this book."

Recently Purchased E-Books

Newly-acquired e-books selected by the LSC-UP librarians: