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About Kanopy

Kanopy logo (with "thoughtful entertaiment" slogan underneath)Kanopy is a streaming video database that contains documentaries, classic and indie cinema, and award-winning films and shorts. It does emphasize dramatic works, but as mentioned, there are nonfictional documentaries, as well. Search for title or keyword, or browse by discipline area.

Films in the Kanopy database can be viewed in browser, app, or via Roku channel on a TV. Multiple users can watch a film simultaneously. Transcripts are available for the films, as well, and all films have captioning.


When & How Are Films Available?

Kanopy uses a patron-driven acquisition (PDA) model, but we can also purchase films directly for a one year license. While the PDA is funded, all Kanopy films are available to watch. After that money runs out, only the licensed films (those purchased directly or those that triggered a purchase because enough people watched them) are available until the budget year starts over.

Licensed/Purchased Films in Kanopy

These titles have been purchased (either outright or triggered by enough views on the PDA (patron-driven acquisition) plan). When PDA funds run out, these films remain available. Click a title to see more information, including expiration date.

This list is updated monthly.