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Faculty Guide to the Library

Find out what the library can do to help you save time and connect your students to expert research guidance.

Add a Librarian to D2L

Want to include a librarian in your D2L classrooms? Your students will be able to reach their librarian easily through D2L when they have questions about research.

Add User step 1-21. Go to the home page for a section to which you want to add a librarian.

2. Under Support, click on User Access, then choose "Add a User to Your Section." 


3. Complete the short form (pictured below) to authorize the addition.

Screenshot of D2L "add user" form: courses on the left, user in the middle, and submit on the right

Selecting the Access Level

We recommend choosing the Faculty role. 

  • The Faculty role can: add modules; upload content; create and post on discussion boards; create graded items... all the things you can do, basically.

We do not recommend any other roles (Observer, Advisor), as we will be incredibly limited in how we can participate in your class. The Observer role, for example, doesn't even allow posting to a discussion board!

4. Finally, click "Submit" and LSC-Online will take care of the rest!
You'll receive a confirmation email when they're done, but we don't, so it'd be much appreciated if you could gives us a head's up once we've gotten access.