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Academic Coaching

An overview of all the areas under Academic Coaching, including the Math Lab, Math Hotspot, Science Hotspot, and Writing Lab.

Helpful Handouts

TSI Prep Materials (Note: Files are large, compressed files. WinZip, WinRar, or 7Zip needed to unpackage)

General Algebra Concepts

Lines and Graphs

Solving systems of equations

Factoring and Solving Quadratic Equations

Rational Expressions and Equations


Exponents, Radicals and Logs

Word Problems

We are currently building additional content for this subject, but until we have specific documents, you can find many handouts that apply to Precalculus in our Algebra and Trigonometry tabs:

  • Algebra Tab
    • Linear Equation Information
    • Generating Equations of a line
    • Variation functions
    • Rational and Polynomial inequalities
    • Factoring
    • Complete the Square
    • Solving Quadratic Equations
    • Transformation of Graphs
    • Symmetry of Functions
    • Synthetic Division
    • Rational Roots Theorem
    • Descarte's Rule of Signs
    • Asymptotes
    • Graphing a Rational Function
    • Finding Inverses of Functions
    • Laws of Exponents and Radicals
    • Solving Exponential Functions
    • Logarithm Rules
    • Solving Logarithmic Functions
    • Solving Systems of Equations
    • Matrices


  • Trigonometry Tab
    • Graphs of Trigonometric and Inverse Trigonometric Functions
    • Transformation of Trigonometric Functions
    • Trigonometric Identities and More sheet
    • Law of Sines Ambiguous Case


  • Finite Tab
    • Permutations
    • Combinations



Financial Equations

We hope to add some great resources to this page soon!