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Academic Coaching

An overview of all the areas under Academic Coaching, including the Math Lab, Math Hotspot, Science Hotspot, and Writing and Reading Hotspot.

Helpful Handouts

General Information on the TSI exam

Sample questions for the TSIA2/Accuplacer from College Board's official website.

TSIA Math Test prep materials from other LSC campuses.

Free online TSI math study materials and practice exams.

Note:  Because these websites provide study materials free of charge to students, they often have in-site and popup ads.  In addition, some of these websites may also advertise other products that are not free.  These sites are not endorsed by or affiliated with Lone Star College in any way.

  • Solving Linear Equations

General Algebra Concepts

Factoring and Solving Quadratic Equations

Word Problems

Linear Equations

Polynomials, Graphs and Roots/Zeros

Rational Expressions and Equations


Exponents, Radicals and Logs

Solving systems of equations





Financial Equations

Calculus I

Calculus II

We hope to add more great resources to this page soon!

Content from Lonestar College-University Park coaches.

Below is a short list of websites that provide various tips on studying, note taking, overcoming test anxiety and more.  Much of what we have included below are related to math.

These sites are not endorsed by or affiliated with Lone Star College in any way. is a website that provides visitors with tips for test taking, study skills, note taking, reducing test anxiety and more.

Here are several websites that provide tips and trick on how to succeed in Math Courses.  For more sites, google "How to succeed in math".

Here are some websites from other colleges that talk about reducing math anxiety.

Here are some websites that provide information on reducing test anxiety.