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#Music & Music Appreciation

Guide to resources in support of the music classes at LSC-University Park.

MLA or Chicago

You're likely to follow MLA or Chicago styles when studying music.

Example Citation: Music Recordings

Miranda, Lin-Manuel. "Wait For It." Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording), Performance by Leslie Odom, Jr., Atlantic, 2015, CD.

DeMarco, Randi. "Shaboom." Shaboom, 2015. Spotify app,

Footnote (Full Note):

1. Leslie Odom, Jr., performer, "Wait For It," by Lin-Manuel Miranda, recorded 2015, with Hamilton ensemble cast, track 13 on Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording), vol. 1, Atlantic 551093-2, compact disc.

Footnote (Shortened Note):

2. Odom, "Wait For It," 2:16.


Miranda, Lin-Manuel, writer/performer. Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording). Atlantic 551093-2, 2015, 2 compact discs.