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#Music & Music Appreciation

Guide to resources in support of the music classes at LSC-University Park.

Welcome! About this guide...


Find scholarly articles through the library databases about music and for getting background context.

E-Books & Scores

A selection of general music books as well as links for locating free scores online and in the library catalog.

Online Sources

A cultivated list of music resources from the internet - may overlap with other pages as appropriate.


Get resources to help you cite your sources.


Connect with information about pursuing music as a major and career.

Experience Music

Links to performance recordings as well as links for keeping up with Houston area music events.

Create Music

Resources to help support you in actually learning, making, and performing music.

Also learn about copyright.

Available to Borrow from the Library

About this Guide

Developed by: Elaine Patton & Betty Rugh

First Published: 2018

Maintained by: Elaine Patton

Other Contributors: Profs. Leah Dyer, Aaron Alon for their detailed requests and recommendations.

Images used in this guide are via Canva unless otherwise noted.