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Assignment | Research Proposal (Elder): APA Citations

BIOLH 1406 | Prof. Michael Elder (Fall 2023)

The current edition of APA is 7th.

Pay attention to premade citations -- in which style and which version of that style is the citation?

Citation Helpers

When you click "Cite" in PubMed, the default citation is NLM (National Library of Medicine) style. Switch to APA!

PubMed defaults to NLM format for citations. Don't forget to switch!

  1. Click into the article so that you're on either the Detailed Record or Full Text view.
  2. In the toolbar on the right, look for the little yellow page icon and/or the word Cite.
  3. A new panel will appear above the article or record. Scroll to APA.
  4. Copy/paste.
  5. Edit as needed.
    1. e.g. in the screenshot below, the APA citation needs the article title capitalization fixed as well as the DOI link.

The Cite tool is the seventh option from the top and opens a new panel. Scroll to APA to get the citation.

  1. Click into the article from the search results.
  2. In the upper right, look for the Cite button to click.
  3. A pop up window will appear with a citation and a dropdown menu to change the citation type.
  4. Copy/paste.
  5. Edit as needed.

Proquest Citation pop-up

  1. Click into the article.
  2. Click the Cite button towards the upper-right.
  3. A pop-up window will appear. Switch to APA 7th.
  4. Copy/paste.
  5. Edit as needed.

Gale citation panel with APA selected

APA Resources

APA Online Guide

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