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D2L Basics

A guide which shows you some of the basics of D2L and how to use its functions.

Taking Quizzes

Click Course Activities, then Quizzes to be taken to a page where you can see all available quizzes. Notifications about available quizzes and upcoming due dates are displayed on the class's main page.

1: Accessing Your Quiz

Time to take a quiz!

  • Once your professor has made the quiz available, click Course Activities.
  • On the dropdown menu, click [1] Quizzes.

NOTE: D2L will give you a notification [2] under Updates (middle-right of page) when a quiz is available that you have not taken. Calendar events [3] on this page will show you due dates of any upcoming quizzes, regardless of whether or not you have completed them.

On this page, you can see all of the quizzes currently available to you, how many times you may take them, and when they are due. For this tutorial, we are selecting Test Quiz.

2: Quiz List

There are a few important things to note in this image.

  • The due dates for quizzes are posted beneath their title. In this example image, the quiz indicated by [1] has no due date, while the quiz indicated by [2] has a due date of August 1st.
  • Some quizzes may be taken multiple times, while others have a set number of times they may be taken. In this example image, [3] shows that Test Quiz may be taken an unlimited number of times, while the [4] shows that Test Quiz 2 may be taken once. Both boxes also show how many times the quiz has been attempted.

For this example, we will select [1] Test Quiz.

This is a screen that gives you information on the quiz you are about to take. Press Start Quiz to be taken to the quiz questions.

3: Basic Info

This is the last page you will see before entering the quiz itself. It will give you details [1] about the quiz, such as any time limitations, attempts allowed and when the quiz will become unavailable. Press [2] Start Quiz to continue.

On this page, once all of the answers to your quiz are selected, press Submit Quiz to turn in your quiz.

4: What You Will See

At last, we have reached the quiz itself! Besides the questions, there are two important things to note.

  • At the top right of the page, there are [1] save boxes for each individual question. After entering an answer, D2L auto-saves it for that question, but these boxes are useful to manually save an answer or to check to see if the answer has been saved.
  • For short answer questions, D2L provides a spell-checkerTo use this function, press the button next to the text box.
  • The [2] submit quiz button will save and submit all of your answers. Do not press this button until all of your answers have been entered and saved!

5: Submitting Your Quiz

This is the screen you will see after you hit Submit Quiz on the previous page. From here you can click the [1] Submit Quiz button, or if you would like to check your answers again, hit [2] Back to Questions. Note that once you click Submit Quiz, no further changes may be made to your answers!

6: Grade Screen

After submitting your quiz, your quiz may be instantly graded. If so, you will arrive at this screen; from here, you can see which questions you got right and wrong. The grade for this attempt and all attempts you have made will be on the [1] bottom right. Once you are satisfied, click [2] Done to be directed to another information screen.

NOTE: What you will see on this page will vary by class. The following scenarios may apply to you:

  • Short answer or essay questions may be graded by the professor, and thus not automatically available here. You may see the automatically-graded portion of the quiz.
  • Sometimes, what is shown after the quiz is limited to incorrect answers.
  • The grade for the quiz is sometimes hidden entirely on this page.

This screen shows you how well you did on this quiz compared to class averages. Your professor may disable this screen for your class.

7: Comparing Grades

This screen will show you how you did on your collective quiz attempts, as well as how your grade compares to others in your class who took the same quiz. You may click on any other button on the page to exit this screen.

NOTE: Many professors do not enable this post-quiz screen, so you may not see it after the quiz is completed. Instead, it will show you a short confirmation screen with a Done button that returns you to the class splash page.

D2L will not let you access notifications if you start a quiz, but do not complete it. In the notifications dropdown, you will be given a link to return to your quiz.

Addendum: An Important Note

If you start a quiz and do not finish it, your notifications will be inactive until your quiz is finished. Shown here is the notifications dropdown menu, which gives you this message and offers a link to return to the quiz you were taking.

Questions? Problems? Contact the Library front desk or OTS for further assistance!

Addendum 2: Questions?

We get it, life doesn't always cooperate.

  • Internet outage?
  • Quiz won't load?
  • Locked out for some reason?

OTS is a wonderful 24/7 resource that may be able to solve your problem. Visit them at or call 832-813-6600.

Additionally, we at the library are always happy to help where we are able. Visit us at, give us a call at 281-401-5316, or come see us in person. If we do not know the answer to your question, we will find someone who does!


Click here to return to the main menu.

Accessing Your Grades

Select Grades to view results of past quizzes.

Want to see how you've done on this - or another - quiz or test? Click [1] Grades to see everything you have received a grade for, as well as upcoming items in your class.

NOTE: Your grades for assignments that were not accomplished in D2L may be found here, as well. If you do not see a grade that should have been posted, contact your professor.