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D2L Basics

A guide which shows you some of the basics of D2L and how to use its functions.

D2L Navigation Buttons: Quick Access

When you log into D2L -- either through myLonestar or using the web address -- you will land at a page like this. From this page, several options are available, which will all trigger dropdown menus:

  • Navigate to your classes' individual pages using the class icon
  • Check your messages using the message icon
  • See what's new with things you subscribed to with the subscription icon
  • Check important news items from the campus or your professors using the alerts icon
  • Change your D2L profile by selecting your name on the top right of the screen

NOTE: All of the options listed on the next tabs function the same way when you are on an individual class's D2L page, though some of them may give you options related only to the page of the class you are on.

Main view of D2L home page, breaking the page into the quick access top row with navigation dropdown buttons, main navigation, courses, and announcements

When the class icon is pressed (the one that looks like 9 small squares in a square), a dropdown box is displayed. With this box, you may access any of the classes you are enrolled in.

NOTE: Classes are only available within a window of time set by your professor, usually a semester, plus or minus a week before and after the semester. Before the semester's official start date, your class will likely be unavailable. If the semester has started, and you still cannot see your class, talk to your professor.

If issues continue, contact OTS via:

Pressing the classes button (looks like 9 squares arranged in the shape of a square) will list all of the classes you have access to.

When you receive a new message, an orange dot will appear on the message button. Clicking the icon will display the message dropdown menu. This menu will allow you to access your email or instant messenger, and will display the subject line and sender of any new messages you have received since you last checked your D2L email.

You will also see notifications of unread email in the Updates box on the middle-right [1] of the page.

NOTE: D2L email will only send messages to other email addresses, and is separate from your myLonestar email. Check with your professor to ensure that your messages are sent and received via their preferred method.

This image shows the main page for a class in D2L. Two indicators - a dropdown notification icon and an update in the middle right of the screen - note that there are new messages.

The notifications button will display an orange dot (like the message button) when a new assignment, test, announcement or discussion has been posted by your professor. Pressing the assignment button will display a dropdown menu with the five most recent notifications. Pressing "Load More" on this screen will load all notifications of new assignments.

Pressing the notification bell will display new content, such as assignments and quizzes, that have been recently posted to classes by your professors.

Clicking on your name at the main page will display the profile dropdown menu. From here, you can change your profile, notification settings and account settings. You can also log out of D2L using the profile dropdown menu.

Clicking your name in the box on the right will allow you to access options to change elements of your profile, notification settings, account settings, or to log out of D2L.