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D2L Basics

A guide which shows you some of the basics of D2L and how to use its functions.

Submitting Assignments

This image shows the dropdown menu that activates when you click

1: Getting Started

In order to turn in an assignment, navigate to the class's page, then take the following steps.

  1. Select "Course Activities"
  2. On the dropdown menu, select [1] "Assignment."

This is the Assignment Folders page. Several available assignments are visible, and the top - Test 1 - is indicated. Clicking it takes you to the next step.

2. Select Your Assignment

At the next page, select your assignment. For this example, we will select [1] "Test 1."

This image shows the page for the submission of your assignment. Click

3: Upload Screen

You will arrive now at the submission screen. Here, press [1] "add a file" and a popup will appear with more options.

Pro Tip! Unless otherwise noted, submit your work as a .doc or .docx, not pdf or Pages file or anything else. It's also a good idea to include your name in the file name, and don't name your file anything vulgar.

Depending on the requirements of your professor, you may need to use the "Record Audio" or "Record Video" button, instead of "Add a File," though many professors prefer documents, videos and recordings generated outside of D2L. Consult your professor for their preference.

A popup prompt gives you four options here, and

4: Upload Popup

At the "Add a File" pop-up, select the top option - [1] My Computer - and the popup will shift to a simple upload dialogue.

In the center of the popup box, the Upload button will appear. Press it to open a standard Windows file explorer dialogue box.

5: Upload Popup (cont.)

The "Add a File" popup should now display an [1] Upload button in the center. Press this button, and a standard file dialogue will appear.

NOTE: If you have open the folder that contains your file, you can simply drag and drop your file to this popup to begin the upload.

A standard Windows file explorer box appears. Either double-click the file you want to upload, or click the file you want to use, then press Open at the bottom.

6: Upload Popup (cont.)

Either double-click the [1] file you wish to load , or click the file you want to load, then press the [2] Open button. The Windows Explorer dialogue will close, and you will be returned to a slightly-altered upload popup window.

If you're on a Mac or other type of device, of course, this process will look slightly different.

After you upload your file, its name will be displayed under the Upload button. Hit the blue Add button to finish the process.

7: Upload Popup (cont.)

This popup will now have a slight change: the [1] document you uploaded will be displayed below the Upload button. Now, press the [2] Add button, and the popup will disappear, returning you to the submission page you started with. Almost done!

On this page, confirm that you have selected the file you wish to upload, and press Submit.

8: One Last Check...

You're almost there!

Check to make sure everything is correct. To submit your file, press the [1] Submit button. The page will then change to a confirmation screen. You probably won't need to any comments, but this can be a helpful to spot to explain or warn for anything that you think you need to call your professor's attention to.

NOTE: Do not hit "Submit" until you are sure you are ready to submit the document. Once you hit this button, the file will transmit, and your professor may allow one submission per assignment.

Your document is now uploaded! Clicking Done will take you back to the Assignment Folders page.

9: Upload Complete

Once you reach this page, the process is complete! You can hit the [1] Done button to return to the Assignment Folders page, or click on any other button on the page to exit this screen.