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D2L Basics

A guide which shows you some of the basics of D2L and how to use its functions.

Welcome to D2L!

This D2L guide will give you the basics on how to use this system effectively, including:

How to Access D2L: Three Ways

myLoneStar > LSC-Online

LSC-Online tile is given last on the navigation screen after you sign in to myLoneStar

Brightspace Pulse (app)

Learn more & download

Brightspace Pulse app icon has orange background with a white pulse line half-stylized into a circle

D2L landing page showing courses and announcementsHelp! My class isn't in D2L at all.

  • Did you take the D2L Orientation? Sometimes your classes will all be hidden from you until you do the lesson on how to use D2L.
  • Contact your professor -- if it's very early in the semester, they might need to activate the course. Classes are not available before the semester officially starts.
  • If none of the above apply, contact VLAC.