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profile-icon Elaine M. Patton

It's been a long road, our faculty pilot participants know, but we finally have an active subscription!

PowerNotes is a cloud-based research tool that works via browser extension to help you not only save your research (quotes and notes) from across the web (whether website or database or pdf or ebook) but to also organize your info as you go based on main idea. It will help you create citations, too!

Get started with PowerNotes via our guide.


PowerNotes will let you:

  • Highlight and take notes on any website or library database
  • Organize your notes into a project outline as you research
  • Get library database results with your Google search
  • Collaborate on projects to share research -- with tracking on who has added what
  • Download and export your notes and citations to Microsoft Word and Excel

profile-icon Elaine M. Patton

Leisure collection shelves in front lounge during opening week

That's right, the digital library at LSC-University Park finally has some of its own physical books! LSC-University Park students and employees can browse and borrow from this dynamic collection of popular fiction and nonfiction titles.