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SLRC Continuity Resources during COVID-19

The library and academic coaching are still available to support students and employees during this time!


Masks covering your mouth and nose are recommended while you are on campus.

Library Services



Quick Use Computers for Printing: 

  • Learn more about how to print. (Recommended read, if this is your first time to print on campus.)
  • Send your document to the printer from a computer to pick up from the print station. (Or, save time and upload your document to myPrintCenter at home! When you get to the library, you can go straight to the print station.)
  • Printing is $0.10 per page for black & white, and $0.50 per page for color.
    • Load payment into your account with credit or debit card via myPrintCenter.
    • Load cash into the Add Value Station in the Print room. The machine does not make change.
  • We will not be handling cash payments.

Extended Use Computer Stations: 

  • Use a computer to complete class assignments. 
  • Book for 1 hour; extendable for a second hour if availability permits.
  • You may use your own laptop instead of the computer, but you must be at the reserved station.
    • If you need to borrow a laptop (e.g. you need a laptop with a webcam), stop at the front desk after your check in for your appointment.
  • You may also print documents during your session. There is a black-and-white printer in this lab by the librarians' desk, against the windows.

Study Space: 

The front lounge of the SLRC has been opened for quiet study. If you have your own laptop you want to use, or want more table space to spread out, or don't need a computer at all to work, book some time here!

Study Rooms

Book a study room time by clicking on Book A Study Room below or by going straight to the online form. At present, rooms may only be reserved by current Lone Star students or adjunct faculty.* 

You will need:

  1. Your LSCS ID number (7 digits, printed on your student ID card)
  2. Your Lone Star email address (student emails look like [myLoneStar username]

Green squares indicate available 30 minute blocks of time. Click the squares to select the time range you want. One person can request up to 2 hours per day. Bookings can be made as far out as 2 months or at the last minute (depending on availability).

Once you've filled out the form and submitted your request, you will need to check your inbox for an email and click the confirmation link provided to finish making your reservation.


*"Current Lone Star student" means you are currently enrolled in classes with a Lone Star campus. Students of our university partners attending classes on the LSC-UP campus have study spaces set aside for them on their respective floors in Building 12. Lone Star students who, e.g. took classes in fall but are not enrolled with Lone Star in the spring are not considered current students.

AT Lab Equipment Check-Out

Students with a documented accommodation for equipment like the LiveScribe pens can schedule a time to pick it up from the library to use this semester. Equipment will also be returned by appointment.

Copying & Scanning

The copier (black and white) uses the same funding system as the printers. You can add funds online via myPrintCenter to have available at the copy machine. When you use your virtual funds, it costs 10 cents/page to copy or, if you feed it coins, 15 cents/page. The library staff will not be handling cash at this time.

The scanner is a form-feed style so cannot scan from bound books -- just loose pages. It is free to use, and you can save your files to a flash drive or email them to yourself.

Employee Badges

Faculty and staff need to bring photo identification (e.g. driver's license) and a completed form signed by their supervisor in order to get an employee ID. Note: the library only creates the badge; we do not control room access or the distribution of key cards.

New employees: Employees new to the system may have to wait 1-2 weeks after their hire date before their information has been completely entered in the system by other departments. Until that process is complete, the library will not be able to make a badge. We recommend emailing first to verify that badging can be done. If you're not in the system, that doesn't mean something's wrong or that you haven't really been hired -- the process just isn't finished yet!

Replacement badges cost $20. This is a system-level policy.

Student IDs

Illustration of front and back of a student ID cardYou must be currently enrolled in Lone Star College classes that have been paid for (or show signs of being paid by financial aid) to be eligible for a student ID. Bring a photo ID (driver's license or other official ID: must have your name and picture) with you.

We start making IDs for each semester on the following dates:

Fall semester: August 1
Spring semester: December 1
Summer semester: May 1

You can create your ID at any point in the semester, but sooner is better! When the semester ends, we will not issue a new ID unless you're enrolled in the next semester.


If you don't want to come to campus...

Request a library barcode using the online form. You will receive an email to your student email address (accessible through myLoneStar) with your barcode and PIN within 2 business days of your request.

If you've previously requested a barcode and now want to get an ID card, go ahead and make an appointment!

Loaner Laptops

Available Laptop:

HP 840 G7 14-inch Laptop (with power cord and case)

Who's Eligible:

LSC-UP students and faculty only. (This is separate from the LSC long-term laptop loans.)

The Process:

  1. Interested borrower should download the Liability Form below and sign the agreement as well as provide their contact info.
  2. Hit submit to email the form to the appropriate, designated cosigner.
    1. Adobe will prompt you to choose an email to send from. You may want to CC yourself for your own records.
  3. Cosigner will sign off on the loan, and hit their submit button to send to the LSC-UP Library circulation department.
  4. The circulation team will confirm they received the form and its approval status of the document. They will send a link to make an appointment to pick up the laptop.

The Pick-Up:

  1. Bring your ID with you to your appointment. Your LSC ID is preferred. If you don't have one of those, your driver's license, passport, or other official photo ID will work.
  2. The circulation team will complete the liability form with specific info about which laptop is to be checked out to the borrower.
  3. The laptop condition will be recorded and confirmed with the borrower. This will establish what condition the laptop is expected to be returned in.
  4. Enjoy the laptop!

To ensure information shared is the most current, please share the link to this page rather than downloading the pdf.