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Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Requests: How to Get Unavailable Articles & Books: ILL

Does Lone Star not have access to an article or book? Don't get out your wallet (or give up) just yet!

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Note: ILL is currently available for digital content only, not any physical materials.

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When Do I Need ILL?

If you've found an article online (e.g. Google Scholar) that's behind a paywall or there's an article in our database with no full text, or if you've searched the library catalog and we don't have a copy of a book... you need this form.


Double-Check, First!

The Form, Annotated

Annotated screenshot of the online inter-library loan form; there is a Word document describing all the content which should be available alongside this image.

What Next?

Library Technical Services processes these requests. They find a library that has the item and is able to share it with us. (Sometimes licensing agreements get in the way.)

For articles, plan on allowing at least a couple business days. Physical materials like books take longer, as these have to be shipped from out-of-town/state. (Physical deliveries are not currently available.)

You will receive an email with a download link for your article, or an email notifying you when your book is available to be picked up.