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Academic Coaching

An overview of all the areas under Academic Coaching, including the Math Lab, Math Hotspot, Science Hotspot, and Writing Lab.

Meet the Math & Science Coaches

Allyn Beekman 

Subjects: Pre-Algebra through Calculus I, Business Calculus, Finite Math, Statistics

Education: MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University, B.S. Mathematics from Michigan State University

In 7th grade, Allyn set a goal to work in applied mathematics. He took every math course he could and earned a degree in mathematics from Michigan State. After graduation, the computer industry hooked him for the next 28 years, providing an opportunity to expand his personal and leadership skills. In 2001, he moved into university education, soon taking on responsibilities as leader of a fast-growing online adult education program and then serving as Associate Vice-President for the 10,000-student school of adult education. Following a four-year effort leading an international Master’s degree program on leadership, Allyn came back to math as a part-time coach at Lone Star -Tomball. He moved to the University Park campus to lead the Math Hotspot from 2015-2017 and has recently returned back to part-time coaching. The challenge of doing math in his head is still something that excites him! Allyn is Level III certified. 


John Cardwell

Subjects: Chemistry

Education: MSChE, University of Texas at Austin

After serving in the U.S. Army and working in industry at Baker Hughes and EIMCO Division for 30 years, John turned to teaching. He has been associated with the Lone Star College System for the past 14 years. After retiring from industry, he taught General Chemistry at LSCS for 10 years. In 2008, he began tutoring as well. Though he no longer teaches, he continues to coach students in chemistry at multiple LSCS campuses. He enjoys interacting with students, assisting in the learning process, and cherishes the opportunity to help students understand the subject. He is Level III certified.



Tom Felkai

Subjects: Pre-algebra through Calculus III; Business Calculus

Education: M.S. International Finance from University of Houston; B.S. Honors Nuclear Engineering from University of Texas

Tom worked in Nuclear Power and later transferred to Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, CT, MRI, and finally PET Scanning during his working career in industry. He started his own business opening a Medical Imaging Center in San Antonio and functioned as the Managing General Partner for the Medical Group. In 2004, he decided to branch out into teaching math and completed master's courses at Sam Houston State and the University of Houston while teaching at LSC - Tomball. After 10 years of teaching, he moved to tutoring math and has been at LSC - University Park ever since. He is Level III certified.


Terri Fritzel

Subjects: Pre-algebra through Calculus I

Education: M.S. Geology from University of Illinois; B.S. in Physics from University of Illinois

Terri Fritzel is a math coach with a passion for geology and all things science.  Yes, you read that correctly, she IS a Math coach with a degree in Geology.  She will be more than happy to tell you all that you never wanted to know about the rock you found in your shoe!  She is a wife and mom with two human kids and 2 furry children (dogs, Blitz and Starr).  She has worked as a math coach for LSC-UP since 2015 and before that as a math instructor and math coach at LSC-Tomball since 2000.  In addition to coaching math, Mrs. Fritzel is taking courses in Theology at the University of St. Thomas. She is Level III CRLA certified. On hiatus this semester.


Krish Gundu

Subjects: Pre-Algebra through Calculus I

Education: BSc. Electronics (Math & Physics) from St. Ann's College for Women Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.

Krish has been tutoring and running study groups since she was in high school. After college she pursued her passion for writing as a copywriter in Mumbai and Bangalore with international advertising agencies. She first began coaching math at LSC-UP in 2015. Since then she has also worked in the Cy Fair School District as an Intervention Math Tutor for STAAR. She sits on the board of two non-profits that she co-founded in TX which work on environmental health and criminal justice issues. She has two 'boys' - one aged 8 and the other 47 :-). When she's not coaching math, she's busy cooking and baking for them. She is Level I certified. On hiatus this semester.




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