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Assignment | Topic Research (Watkins): Getting Started

PSYC 2301 | Professor B. Watkins (Spring 2023)




Research a topic in Psychology that is of interest to you. Using the library databases, choose at least 3 journal articles that relate to your topic. Your paper should include FIVE (5) sections, described below, and be 6-8 pages in length (not including the Title Page & References)

  • Title Page
  • Introduction
  • Body of Paper (2 parts – Literature Review & Discussion)
  • Conclusion
  • References

Full assignment details can be found in your D2L classroom.

Before You Research

Based on the course assignment(s) students will research topics using course materials and outside sources that are within this guide and the LSC library pages of Lone Star College. This guide contains information on the research process, the distinction between credible information sources and scholarly sources, and APA citation.

Begin the research process by building your knowledge of your topic or subject. Course textbooks and the sources linked below offer background information, introduce specialized terminology and provide a foundation to develop the context for your topic. Once this foundation is developed, scholarly sources enable students to dig deeper into seminal and current research.   

Background Information

What is a Journal?

Search Better





Access to Library Collections

This guide presents a variety of information sources, both openly accessible from the web (and selected for authority and credibility) as well as resources limited to Lone Star College users. All are meant as recommendations to start your research but not the only possible sources available, of course.

Off-campus access to Research Databases requires the 14-digit library barcode from the back of your student ID. (Don't have it yet? Request a barcode number online.)                                        collage of database logos