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Assignment | Debunking Project (Watkins): Finding Information

PSYC 2301 | Professor B. Watkins (Spring 2024)

Discipline-related Collections


Books are also useful in the research process, and due to their length, can go deeper and farther into topics. Or maybe it's just a lot of overviews collected together -- it depends on the book!

  • Although, you are able to download a book, we recommend that you read the book from your device or download a chapter at a time. This limited download or viewing will keep the ebook available for all.


Which database did you prefer to use?
JSTOR: 2 votes (50%)
E-books: 1 votes (25%)
Academic Search Complete: 1 votes (25%)
Other: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 4

Managing Your Information

While conducting research you will need to capture the articles and associated citations. Your process will be very individual, but be consistent and choose a tool to help organize your research. Some suggested tools below:

EvernoteEvernote - The Basic version is free. Works across all mobile devices. Create notebooks for each course or writing assignment. Be sure to download the Web Clipper as well.

ZoteroZotero - Zotero is a free, open access extension that runs in the Firefox and Chrome browsers that's designed to gather, download, and tag your research. Helpful tutorials.

OneDrive - Cloud storage from Microsoft Office 365. 1 TB free for Lone Star College students. You will find this tool in your myLoneStar account or at