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PowerNotes is a web app and browser addon to help UP students collect and organize their research.

Get an Account

  1. Go to and click Login.
  2. Click "Sign Up" at the bottom of the login panel. Use your LSC email.
  3. Click the verification link in your email.
  4. Install the browser extension to get started!
You must use your LSC email to get premium access!
  • Students:
  • Employees:

This license is for LSC-UP folks only. Want your own? Start talking to your librarians.

Install the Browser Addon

Basic Navigation

Relocate the Logo

When PowerNotes turned on, you'll get a floating P logo. Clicking this will open up your project outline.

Simply click and drag this logo to reposition it. (However, once you click to expand your outline, it will always dock to the right side of the screen.)


Minimize the Extension

If you don't want to actively look at your outline anymore, look in the bottom-right corner for the button to minimize it.

Extension Toolbar

Turn on PowerNotes to get your controller button in the bottom-right corner of your browser.

Tired of seeing it? Switch it "no" to disable PowerNotes functionality.

Enable PowerNotes set to "yes" displays the floating widget button in the bottom-right corner of your browser

Taking Notes

When you have found content that you want to save:

  1. Highlight it: the text you highlight will be saved – if you want to highlight 1 word or less, hold down control (for PCs) or command (for Macs) as you highlight.
  2. Choose a topic: after text is highlighted, the topics menu will appear – the default topics are “Topic 1” and “Topic 2” – adding and editing topics is easy.
  3. Add your notes: once you've selected a topic, the notes box will appear so you can take notes if you want. There is no limit to the notes you can take. Just use ctrl, alt, shift, or command + Enter to add line breaks.
  4. Confirm citation info: click on the gray citation icon to review and edit citation info.


Two options: With the PowerNotes extension enabled, ...

  1. Save an Image: Right-click on an image and select “Save image to PowerNotes” from the menu. You’ll be prompted to file the image under a topic and have the option to add a note.
  2. Take a Screenshot: Click on the purple, square icon next to the bookmark icon at the top of the extension sidebar. This will allow you select exactly what you want to capture by screenshotting it. Once you screenshot what you would like to add to your project, you’ll be prompted to file it under a topic as well as be given the option to add a note.

Right click, save to PowerNotes menu, and the screenshot menu in the extension

Inviting A User

  1. To add another user to your project, you'll have to start in your dashboard. You can always get back to your dashboard with one click from the browser extension!
    Click the P logo in your browser extension to get back to your dashboard.
  2. Your Dashboard will display all your active projects. When you hover over the tile for your project, some options will appear, including Sharing.
    Share icon is first on the  left when hovering the mouse over a project
  3. Enter the LSC email for your classmate, then choose what credentials they have. Editors can contribute research and help organize info; Commenters cannot.
    Share window will ask you to enter an email address and choose whether that person is a Commenter or a more powerful Editor.


Accepting an Invite

When someone adds you to a project, you'll receive an email notice about it from

email invitation

  1. Click the link in the email to accept and view the project.
  2. PowerNotes will open in the browser. You should see a pop-up box asking you to formally accept.
    Window with accept and decline options to join a PowerNotes project
  3. Click accept. The dialog box should close and you should be left looking at the project you just joined.


If you don't see a pop-up box with the accept/decline options, check your notifications panel and click the alert about the project being shared with you.

PowerNotes notifications panel

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