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Assignment | Debunking Project (Watkins): Searching the Web

PSYC 2301 | Professor B. Watkins (Spring 2024)

Google imageGoogle Scholar is sort of like Google's version of our research databases in that it indexes scholarly content, making it easier to pick out than if you did a normal Google Search.

On the other hand, many results found through Google Scholar aren't available to read for free. (Fortunately, you can request paywalled articles from the library for free!)

  Google Scholar Google
# of results 896,000 results (fewer) 161,000,000 results (lots)
What kind of results Scholarly articles written by experts and formally published by mostly reputable entities "Popular" articles from regular websites - news, blogs, magazines, etc with all degrees of credibility (or lack thereof)
Can you read it? Full-text may or may not be available; odds are good you'll run into paywalls Full-text of web articles generally available


Customize Your Google Scholar

Google Scholar can only provide access to articles that have been freely posted online. However, you can also tell it to look for full-text available through Lone Star College!

  1. Sign in to your Google account.
  2. Click the settings icon (upper left corner)
  3. Click "Settings"
  4. Click "Library links"
  5. Type in Lone Star and search.
  6. Check the box beside the Lone Star College name.
  7. Save.

Add a library to Google Scholar by going to settings in the upper left corner; select Library Links; search for the name Lone Star College; select the checkbox and then save.

What about Google Searching?

Please keep in mind that Google customizes search results based on your previous searches, changes in its interface, and also tweaks its search algorithms and search commands periodically. Examine your choices carefully. Credibility is not the highest priority.

Control the power of a Google Search

Specify the file type in the search. You can also do this for doc, pdf, and other formats.
  • diabetes in the elderly                                      About 504,000,000 results (0.58 seconds)