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Assignment | Argument with Research (P. Khalaf): Getting Started

ENGL 1302 | Prof. Paula Khalaf (Summer 2024)


ENGL 1302 (Composition and Rhetoric II) focuses primarily on argument, persuasion, and research. Bring everything you learned in ENGL 1301 and let's continue!

The specific assignment instructions are in D2L. Use this library guide to find credible and relevant information from the LSC databases - see Topic Development and Finding Sources.  As an information consumer, read and share the information to support statements in your writing. As you use the information, give credit to your sources through MLA citations. Check the MLA Format tab for correct in-text and Works Cited citation formats. 

Important: Ask your librarian questions to confirm appropriate source selections and MLA formats (Before you make your final assignment submissions). 

Access to Library Collections

This guide presents a variety of information sources, both openly accessible from the web (and selected for authority and credibility) as well as articles in the Research Databases that are limited to Lone Star College users.

Access Research Databases using your LSC username and password.    collage of database logos



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