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Assignment | Oceanography : Selecting a Topic

GEOL 1445 | (Summer 2024)

Before You Research

Research is a process. First, become familiar with your topic. Background and overview information can be found in your textbook as well as some of the databases in the library. This will help you develop a context for your topic as well as get to know the specialized terms used by experts.

As you select and develop your topic with keywords, concepts and related terminology, you will be narrowing the scope of your research.


Opposing View

Mind-Map Concepts

Research involves finding and reading information mindfully. Taking notes helps to draw the map. Like Google Maps you want to know where you have been and the route to your final destination. Detours are possible.

     Mind map of stratigraphy

Additional Background or Overview Resources

Enter a simple search word or phrase to learn more about your basic topic. Click the icons on the image below to learn more about the features of the Gale Ebooks search results.

Explore related ideas to your topic visually with the Topic Finder tool.

Gale Topic Finder search for "vaccination" showing colored, scaled tiles of related terms, and links to articles on the right.


Science section of nYT