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Assignment | Oceanography : Finding Information

GEOL 1445 | (Summer 2024)

Finding Information in Databases

LSC Libraries offer dozens of databases covering all of the major disciplines. You can search for a database by subject, or enter a specific database through our alphabetical list.

  • Some databases contain only peer-reviewed (scholarly) articles.
  • Many databases contain scholarly journal articles as well as popular articles from magazines and newspapers.
  • Some databases are subject-specific and others are multidisciplinary
  • Choosing the right databases and the right types of articles is a learned skill and, if you have questions, we can show you how. 

Regardless of the type of information, the issue of credibility is paramount.  How do we determine if information is credible? Evaluate by asking questions as you examine the source regarding the purpose, currency, accuracy and expertise of the source. Check out the  Evaluate Information  box  to see how we do it. 

Finding Articles

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