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Assignment | Engineering Discipline Paper (Guzman): Information Sources

Fall 2020 | ENGR 1201 | Prof. Guzman

How Information is Created

Some of the questions for the discipline paper require very current information. Information source types have different publication time frames. The information in a newspaper source contains today's news. Other questions require specific trade-related (industry-related) information. The "inside knowledge" of a trade journal is more important than the immediacy of the publication date. Pause and consider which types of sources in this guide will give the best or most appropriate information. 

  • Describe how the global marketplace has altered your chosen discipline.
    • Try the New York Times if current events appear to alter the marketplace.


LSC Library Account

The library account is represented by 14 digits printed on the back of your Student ID card. If you do not have a Student ID card, you can request a library account here. 

Government Resources

Changing careers?

(Department of Labor) Enter a current or past job to get a list of related professions with comparison data for salary,skills, knowledge, and licensure.

Finding Books

A sampling of ebook titles is below.