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Assignment | Engineering Discipline Paper (Guzman): Getting Started

Spring 2020 | ENGR 1201 | Prof. Guzman

The Assignment

Individual Project: Engineering Discipline Paper

Consider the engineering field you desire to pursue, read credible information about it, and write a 2 to a 3-page paper addressing questions listed below. 

  • What type of engineering do you plan to pursue?
  • Based on your strengths and talents, explain how do you think you match with the engineering discipline that you have selected.
  • What specialization in that field most interests you?  (For example, Electrical Engineering has specialties in electronics and solid state circuitry, telecommunications, computers and control systems, instrumentation and measurements, power generation and transmission, and industrial applications.)
  • What is your goal in that field?
  • What do you think your employment responsibilities will be?
  • What do you think will emerge in your field in the next 20 years?
  • What is the projected economic outlook for your chosen career?
  • Describe how the global marketplace has altered your chosen discipline.
  • Identify three potential employers that hire engineers in your area of interest, and name the cities where they are located.

Find information for this paper in the tab labeled Information Sources. Include citations from these sources that you use in the paper. Check the Citations tab to create the proper format of your paper and citations.

Note: This is a summary of the assignment. Check the D2L classroom for the full assignment including the due date.

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