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#ESOL/ESL Student Guide

A guide to support English-language learners at LSC-University Park.


Welcome Word Cloud



We welcome you! Hopefully, your native language is represented in this image. If not, let us know so that we can add your language. That would be cool!


The librarians at University Park have created this guide for you. We hope to talk with you as you develop English language skills during your time at LSC-University Park.


The various links in this guide will open new pages of learning.

Receiving Your Grammarly Account

  1. Automatic Invitation.
    Lone Star College-University Park is happy to announce that it will now automatically invite all currently enrolled UP students to use Grammarly at the beginning of each semester. Invitations will be sent directly to your student email accounts. No more access codes or account requests are required. You must use your Lone Star College student email address i.e. [myLoneStar username] after accepting the invitation. Personal email addresses will not work for Premium accounts through Lone Star College-University Park.

  2. Late Enrollment, Late Start.
    For students who are late enrollments and/or have late start courses, the system will be updated periodically to account for this and send out account invitations throughout the semester. Please email from your student email account (including your ID number) if you have not received one.

  3. Use it!
    You're ready to start using Grammarly! You can upload documents to your account to get the Grammarly check, and/or you can install plugins and apps to streamline your work.
Note: Grammarly Premium is only available for current Lone Star College-University Park students. Accounts will lose their Premium status when you are no longer enrolled for classes at Lone Star College-University Park. Users found to not be enrolled with our campus will have their accounts deleted. Please let us know if you believe we've made a mistake.