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#Social Work

To provide students with resources in the field of Social Work and LSC-University Park.

About SOCW2361 - Introduction to Social Work

An overview of the history and development of social work as a profession. The course is designed to foster a philosophical, historical, and critical understanding of the social work profession, including social work values, ethics, and areas of practice utilized under a Generalist Intervention Model. 

  1. Discuss the historical development of social work in the United States.
  2. Distinguish the profession of social work from other helping professions.
  3. Identify core values of social work as stated in the National Association of Social Worker (NASW) Code of Ethics.
  4. Identify the primary roles and functions of social workers (advocate, broker, facilitator, etc.).
  5. Identify practice settings where social workers function and articulate how these settings influence the roles of social workers.
  6. Describe the Generalist Intervention Model.
  7. Describe how the Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners Code of Conduct guides social work practice.
  8. Describe how the NASW Code of Ethics guides social work practice.
  9. Describe social work's goal of advancing human rights and justice.
  10. Describe social work's obligation to serve diverse populations.
  11. Articulate the importance of self-care to prevent burnout, compassion fatigue, and secondary trauma.

Class Topics - SOCW 2361

General Information

Specific Roles

This is a sampling of resources in social work check links and articles in "Careers & Majors", and the cluster chart through Gale In Context in "Social Work Research in Topics." 

Example Articles

Online/Open Resources 

Streaming Video