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Audio-Visual Series: Video Creation and Editing (ProDev)

Fall 2023

Session Info


Thursday, Oct. 5, 2-3 p.m.

Hybrid session! Join in person or via Webex.


Participants will learn about accessing training resources, installation procedures, and essential demonstrations of basic functions within the software. This workshop is aimed at beginners. This includes training, program installation, and basic function literacy.

Participants will:

  • Discuss the foundational knowledge required to make the best use of Adobe Premier Pro
  • Discover the features of Adobe Premier.
  • Identify the necessary steps involved to begin comfortably using Adobe Premier Pro

Presented by

Mike Alose

How to Get Adobe Creative Suite (LSC Employees)

Work Computer

  1. Check Software Center for Adobe Creative Cloud Self Service to verify it's installed (or add it if needed).
  2. Launch Adobe Creative Cloud.
  3. Locate the software in the list and hit install.

Personal Computer

  1. Sign in at using your LSC email. Do not enter a password -- go hit the "sign in" button.
  2. You'll be redirected to the SSO page to use your LSC email and password on.
  3. Under Creative Cloud Apps, click Desktop Downloads.
  4. Download and install Creative Cloud.
  5. Sign in again! Select the "enterprise" sign on option.

Adobe Creative Suite is also installed on select library computers for anyone to use -- the two Macs and the six desktops near office B12.806.