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Assignment | Criminology Research Paper (Professor Lover): Writing & Reading

SOCI 2336 | Prof. Lover | Spring 2024

Begin a research paper by reading relevant articles on your topic. It is in the reading that you can understand the scholarly conversation and begin writing. Build your paper on the knowledge you have gained as you read. Cite your sources, always!

How to Access Tutor Match

Tutor Match Online Tutoring

What is online tutoring?

Online tutoring is synchronous audio/visual sessions offered through a supported platform. 

Who can use online tutoring?

Any currently-enrolled Lone Star College student. 

How can students access it?

Visit TutorMatch through LSC Online tile inside of MyLoneStar. Need help in navigating Tutor Match? Refer to the Tutor Match Online Tutoring guide.

Is in person tutoring available? 

Check with the LSC campus ( most convenient to you. Each campus has a writing center with writing tutors. These tutors are coaches, helping you improve your writing skills.  

What about proofreading for spelling and grammar errors?

Check out the Intelliwriter proofreader in D2L. See this page for instructions:

Access IntelliWriter in D2L