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Assignment | Criminology Research Paper (Professor Lover): Research: The Basics

SOCI 2336 | Prof. Lover | Spring 2024

Before Your Research

Scholarly articles are not the place to start your research. First, you need to get to know your category/topic. With general background information you can start to narrow the topic down and create the necessary focus. This will help you develop context for your topic as well as get to know the specialized terms used by experts.

Try Credo and the Oxford Bibliographies resources to obtain general knowledge. Your textbook is helpful at this stage as well. 

Credo Reference

Credo Logo

Credo is an easy-to-use tool for starting research. Includes materials from over 650 reference books on a variety of topics in higher education, including art, business, history, languages, literature, science, criminal justice, and political science. 

Credo Mind Map Tool

Crime Topics

Use the Credo mind-map function to learn alternate terms and concepts for key points, such as: 

  • Social Control Theory
  • Criminal Subculture Theory
  • Incarceration
  • Rational choice theory

Also Try

Sample Mind Map

Search race as a people group with other terms: discrimination, social theories, prejudice, life experience, privilege or support