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Jobs at the SLRC

Information regarding current positions in the SLRC and instructions on how to apply.

Part-Time Scribe/Reader

Position Summary:

Assists students with taking notes and dictation in classroom and testing environments.  Supports and promotes faculty and students rights to equality in the classroom.

Job Functions:

  1. Takes lecture notes for students in a classroom setting
  2. Takes dictation for students
  3. Fills-in and writes-out test answers for students at their instruction
  4. Takes student work and verbally relays information in a classroom setting
  5. Maintains professional boundaries in class and during tests
  6. Supports and promotes all faculty and students’ rights to equity in the classroom and work environment
  7. Learns to use and demonstrates adaptive technology to students
  8. Converts and edits academic media
  9. Responsible for other reasonable, related duties as assigned
Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities: 
  • Ability to take clear and accurate notes
  • Ability to take clear and accurate dictation
  • Ability to verbally relay information for student in a classroom setting
  • Attention to detail
  • Good interpersonal communication skills
  • Comfortable working with special populations
  • Demonstrated ability to provide dynamic and proactive educational leadership
  • Demonstrated ability and commitment to working collaboratively
  • Demonstrated high-level communication and computer skills
  • Demonstrated commitment to quality service to students
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality when working with students
  • Demonstrated ability to use various software programs





  • High school education or GED equivalent and some college level courses OR and equivalent combination of education and experience

Posted Positions

College Work Study

Part-Time Student Assistant, Work Study - Federal (17000411) 

Part-Time Student Assistant, Work Study - State (17000409)


Academic Coaching

Part-Time Peer Tutor (17000537)

Part-Time Tutor, English (17000538)

Part-Time Tutor, Math (17000536)


Assistive Technology

Part-Time Scribe/Reader (17000609)