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ENGL 1301: Composition & Rhetoric I (Harwell): Finding Literary Information

ENGL 1301 | Prof. A. Harwell (Fall 2023)

Recommended Sources

Literary Criticism


You will find biographies in all the recommended sources. The sources below are targeted to biographies within and beyond literature.

Essay Collections

Open Source Essay Collections

Free access. Quality content.

Evergreen Review

Originally founded in 1957, and publishing for sixteen years, The Evergreen Review was dedicated to publishing controversial writing that challenged prevailing American literary, sexual and social mores. Re-launched as an online publication in 1998, it seeks to build on the magazine's founding legacy. Evergreen is a free publication. It is international in scope and that includes fiction, nonfiction and poetry,

Contemporary Information Sources

The New Yorker Magazine

Discusses current events and ideas, combining domestic and international news analysis with cartoons, sports, fashion & arts, profiles, short fiction and poetry. Searchable interface of The New Yorker from the Literary Reference Center. 

The Atlantic

Features articles for the general reader, reports & comments on recent events in history, humor, fiction, poetry, arts & leisure, & book reviews.

Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Journalism

Winners and categories for this prestigious award provides the best of reporting on the world.

Evaluating Information

The CRAAP Test

Evaluate your source's...

CRAAP test factors: Currency, Relevance, Accuracy, Authority, Purpose

Also, The Three Rs

Is your source
Recent? Reliable? Relevant?


Searching Tips