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Assignment | ENGR 1304 Individual & Group Projects (Guzman): Writing & Citing

ENGR 1304 | Professor Guzman (Spring 2024)

Academic Writing and APA

Whether on the job or in a classroom, writing skills are essential. Take advantage of the writing tutors and the proofreading service provided by Intelliwriter. Tutoring is also provided online by Brainfuse. 

An essential part of writing is using the best information from the best information sources. Giving credit to these sources, protects a writer from plagiarism, informs readers where additional information can be found and lends credibility to your writing. In this course, you will give credit with citations following the APA 7 writing style.

Instructions for formatting your APA paper and creating citations are in the documents linked below. Please note that the 7th edition of APA was released in October 2019. Be sure you are consulting an updated source for correct information on APA 7. 

APA Links

APA Documents

Tips from APA Style