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Assignment | Individual & Group Projects | (Guzman): Getting Started

Spring 2021 | ENGR 1304 | Professor Guzman



Engineering Graphics Individual Project (SUMMARY*)
Using the 10 stages of the Engineering Design Process (EDP), develop a design project of an object. You can use any object that you like in this project, but it must be approved. Some examples are cardholders, screwdriver, food container, and cell phone case.

Engineering Graphics Group Project (SUMMARY*)

The group project will consist of teams working together through the 10 stages of the Engineering Design Process (EDP). Obtain approval for the group project proposed. Following the approval, begin the EDP. 

Your task is to follow the EDP to design your product. Be prepared to present the results. You should expect your presentation to be 20 minutes long. During the presentation describe the EDP that you have completed and the features you have used while developing the project. Each team member must present part of the project. 

In addition, you will need to submit a report that chronicles each phase of the design process and describes decisions that were made as the project was completed.  

Each group will need to have a Project Manager who will interact with me for approvals and questions or clarifications and will serve in that role for the group.  Keep in mind it is not the responsibility of the project manager to do all the work. This is a group effort.

*See the full details for the project assignments in the documents below and within D2L.

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