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Assignment | ENGR 1304 Individual & Group Projects | (Guzman): Information Sources

ENGR 1304 | Professor Guzman (Fall 2021)

Types of Information Sources

Information is published in a variety of platforms, for many different types of audiences, and purposes.  On this page, you will find access to background resources that give a general overview of topics. Encyclopedias, newspaper articles, small-business collections, and more. Other sources are placed here for the purpose of discovery. Patents filed with the federal government to protect new ideas or mechanisms to resolve identified problems can be found at the USPTO. This discovery process will spur your creativity as you explore.

Research: 24/7, Anyplace, Any Device

Database logos

When accessing the databases off-campus, use your 14-digit library card number, which you can find on the back of your student ID. If you do not have a library account you may request one at this link: Get a Library Account

Credo Reference
Background information is the beginning of all research. Learn about your topic in Credo Reference a subject-specific encyclopedia and dictionary database. Use the MindMap function to see related terms, keywords, and people surrounding your topic.


The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

USPTO grants patents for the protection of inventions and trademarks. This platform can be used to search for patents and to discover the applications for the invention. View the US Patent for a  portable water purifier. This patent is one of 345 patents found when entering search query:

 ("portable water" AND health)
This is the search engine for the vast resources of the federal government. Interested in a water treatment project? See what is out there by placing "water treatment patent" as a search string in the prominent search box on this page. Discover Water Research and Technology resources or the Office of Scientific and Technical Information pages, just to name a few!!