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Assignment | ENGR 1201 Group Project (Guzman): Writing & Citing

ENGR 1201 | Prof. Guzman (Fall 2021)

Academic Writing

Whether on the job or in a classroom, writing skills are essential. Take advantage of the writing coaches through an online platform (UPSwing). Start with UPSwing by creating your account at the link provided. Proofreading, or basic editing, is  provided by Grammarly. Visit the writing coaches in person at the Reading & Writing Hotspot (see box below).

Giving credit by citing information sources protects a writer from plagiarism. The presence of citations informs readers where additional information can be found and lends credibility to your writing. In this course, you will create citations following APA 7 style.

Instructions for formatting your APA paper and creating citations are in the APA Format Helps box below.  Please note that the 7th edition of APA was released in October 2019. Be sure you are consulting an updated source for correct information on APA 7. 

APA Format Helps

Writing & Reading Hotspot

The Writing & Reading Hotspot is available for in-person walk-ins + virtual consultations through Upswing.

Is the writing coach in? Today's hours:

Questions? Email

Grammarly: Personal Proofreader

Grammarly Premium free for LSC-University Park students!

Spelling, grammar, style checker integrates with your browser and Word.

Automatic Invitation

Currently enrolled UP students will receive an invitation from Grammarly within the first 2 weeks of each semester. Check your student email through myLoneStar!

The system will be updated periodically to account for Next Start classes and adds/drops. Please email from your student email account (including your ID number) if you have not received one.